Combating Water Scarcity with Accessible AI

Fluviq empowers communities around the world to optimize water consumption through accessible cutting-edge technology.


With the support of trusted partners:

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Our Core Features 

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    Optimize Water Usage by 40%

    Monitor and optimize irrigation processes for farms and urban green spaces to get up to a 40% usage optimization

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    Reduce Costs, Increase Yield

    Optimize soil nutrients with our NPK probe to increase the productivity and reduce fertilizer costs.

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    Accessibility as a Core Value

    Fluviq makes advanced sensing technology affordable and easy to understand for everyone. 

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    Adaptable Solutions

    Fluviq integrates farm, city, and B2B systems with 3rd party solutions such as dron or satellite analysis

Discover How Fluviq Transforms Different Sectors

Farm Use Case
Optimizing Water and Fertilizer Usage for Farms arrow-icon
NGO Use Case
Developing Regions
Empowering NGOs to transform communities around the world. arrow-icon
City Use Case
Smart Water Management for Urban Sustainability arrow-icon

How Fluviq Works  


Fluviq provides a complete solution to optimize water consumption. We take care of everything: Advanced hardware, global connectivity, data platforms, and powerful AI insights.

Our end-to-end approach empowers anyone —regardless of resources or technical expertise— to achieve optimal efficiency and protect our water resources.
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    Accessible AI Insights

    We transform complex environmental data into easy-to-understand insights. No expertise required.

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    Advanced Sensing 

    Combining advanced AI Models with our own sensors we  provide the most accurate present and projected status of your fields

Fluviq Sense:
Smart Sensors

Meet Fluviq Sense, our state-of-the-art sensors designed to deliver accurate soil and environmental measurements.

  • Accurate Measurements
    Precise Data

    Reliable soil and air moisture, temperature, and pressure measurements to better understand your environment.  

  • Advanced Sensors
    Innovative Sensors

    Our self-developed capacitive sensors deliver the most precise data to our AI models, ensuring top-tier performance.

  • Plug & Play
    Plug & Play

    Quick and easy setup with no technical skills required. Solar-powered and maintenance-free.

  • Global Connectivity
    Global Connectivity

    Free global LTE-M connectivity. No need for SIM cards or extra subscriptions.  


Fluviq Cloud:
AI Insights  


Fluviq Cloud is the heart of our data ecosystem, transforming raw environmental data into actionable insights. Our platform seamlessly integrates with Fluviq Sense devices and 3rd party providers, leveraging advanced AI models to provide precise and user-friendly insights for your fields.

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    Actionable and Accesible Insights
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    Real-Time Monitoring
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    Current and AI Projected Status Alerts

The Data Behind
Smarter Decisions

We feed our AI models with comprehensive datasets to ensure precise and reliable insights. Here’s where it all comes from:



  • Fluviq Sense
    Fluviq Sense

    Our advanced sensing devices provide real-time data on soil and air parameters 

  • Weather Data
    Weather Data

    We integrate regional weather predictions and historical data to the models. 

  • Drone and Satellite Data
    Drone and Satellite Data

    Through our  Partners, we offer drone and satellite imagery of the fields. 

Got Questions? We've Got Answers

Our solutions can be quickly deployed, enabling users to start benefiting from advanced AI capabilities without lengthy setup times.

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  • What Kind of Data Do Fluviq Sensors Collect?


    Fluviq sensors measure soil moisture, soil temperature, air humidity, temperature, and pressure to give a complete picture of your field conditions. For advanced sensing, add our NPK Probe to analyze nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, salinity, and soil conductivity.

  • How Easy Is It to Install Fluviq Sensors?


    Fluviq's sensors are plug-and-play with no technical skills required. Simply insert the guide into the soil using a hammer if needed, remove it, and place the activated Fluviq Sense device into the hole. That's it!

  • What Kind of Connectivity Do Fluviq Sensors Use?


    Fluviq provides LTE-M and NB-IoT connectivity in 173 countries, including all of the EU and North America, at no extra cost with your subscription. If you have coverage questions, contact us.

Our Latest News

May 2024
Fluviq Partners With Microsoft

Fluviq has partnered with Microsoft's AI-IoT Labs to enhance our technology leveraging Microsoft's expertise on hardware and IoT capabilities.

During the last weeks, our team has worked with Microsoft Engineers in their Shanghai office accelerating Fluviq's technological capabilities and the global deployment process.

Feb 2024
Fluviq Moves to Shanghai

Fluviq is moving to Shanghai, joining the 2024 batch of the Xiji Incubator with Tongji University as our local partner. With this strategic move, we will leverage Shanghai's unique technological ecosystem.

For the next six months, our team will be immersed in Shanghai's dynamic environment, accelerating Fluviq's growth and enhancing our global technological impact.

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